Staff and Professionals

The source of our distinctive expertise stems from our disciplinary teams of vast experience and high reputation, professionals with degrees and diplomas granted by major universities and R&D institutes both in Vietnam and world-wide. Currently the company has in-house 50 core experts and technical supporting specialists with major disciplines ranging from agriculture to sociology. Apart from this in-house force of experts and technical specialists, AT Consultant has built a network of more than 200 highly qualified collaborating professionals (PhD, Master, Bachelor), who are available as required to complement our services where/ when necessary on both short-term and long-term basis.
This expert network supports our work greatly by enabling us to offer complementary services in various sectors that are closely related to our core fields. Inside Vietnam, our expertise and local knowledge are in demand and have been developing to a very high level. We realized our opportunities both inside & outside of Vietnam, our expertise/ local knowledge will be a great support in co-operating with international partners and organizations in order to get desired consulting results.