Scope of Services

AT Consultant offers a wide range of services that covers the entire cycle of project development, from feasibility and resource analysis, planning, design, preparation of tender and procurement documents to construction management and supervision, institutional development and capacity building. In business AT Consultant always conforms to a standard that aims to provide an excellent combination of best Scheduling, best Cost and best Performance in order to ensure our Clients� satisfaction. Moreover, AT Consultant is also capable of providing training consultancy, training delivery and skill enhancement, transfer of knowledge in a variety of fields, especially in the field of tourism such as planning and development of tourism sector, development of sustainable tourism and ecotourism, marketing strategy development and tourism market research, EIC strategies building to promote the image of tourism, e-marketing promotion to showcase the tourism product. This combination of skills can give a competitive edge to a country like Vietnam with a young tourism industry and enable it to attract the world to its local tourism destinations.