AT Consultant is the member company of AIPT Group, a leading Vietnamese environmental, industrial equipment and technology solution provider which was founded in 2011. AT Consultant has built on its strong background in environmental, agricultural and forestry equipment and solutions to become a multi-disciplinary environmental and social consulting firm that also delivers sound advice and practical capabilities in related areas as various as agricultural production and agricultural infrastructure, investment bridging and local development, public health, sanitation, sustainable tourism planning and development, climate change and disaster management, forestry and biodiversity, education and vocational training.


Core Values

AT Consultant is building its reputation on high quality, objective and value-added service that reflects environmental and social expectations of the present and anticipates those of the future. Professional excellence and integrity, high standards of business ethics and quality service are the basis of our commitment to our clients.


Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to build AT Consultant to become a leading regional consulting firm in sustainable development and green growth through linking local experts and resources to international consultants and experience in order to realize our mandate of contribution to building an economic, social and environmental sustainable development future of our country in this changing world.


Our People

AT Consultant’s professionals and associates possess a wide range of backgrounds and fields of expertise with high educational degrees ranging from Bachelor to PhD and Professor. AT Consultant’s teams represent the very best personnel in their respective fields. They bring together multi-disciplinary teams collaborating effectively to provide clients with a full-service approach to address their unique needs.